I'm on "This Week in Writing"

From publishing tips to NaNoWriMo inspo

Hey there boys and girls,

Guess what? I’m on a podcast.

Justin Cox, one of the editors and co-founders of the Medium publication The Writing Cooperative (one of the largest writing pubs) had me on his show to talk about my journey from self-publishing to a traditional publisher. It’s a quick 27-minute listen I think you’ll dig. In it I cover:

  • My journey from self-identifying first as a filmmaker to writer

  • Why I serialized my chapters on Medium

  • How I got my current publishers

  • The inspiration for how I got through NaNoWriMo

Here are a few links to access the episode.

Let me know what you think.

That’s all this week. Go out and vote. Vote early and in-person if you can.

Until next time…

Stay safe out there.

~ Ron