What is “The Aforementioned”?

My name is Ron Dawson. I’m a “blerd” and a cis-het “angry black man” who just happens to like Barry Manilow as well as Tupac (don’t playa hate). I tend to have opinions about things. I’ve been blessed in that most of my opinions are correct. Sometimes it’s a curse. (It can really suck being right all the time.)

This newsletter will be a way for me to release the pressure on my brain of all the various things I have opinions about. For some strange reason, there are those out there who have been entertained and inspired by what I have to say.

If these first two paragraphs turned you off in any possible way, I only have one thing to say to you…

What you can expect?

Expect the unexpected? Just when you think you’ll know what’s going on, I’m sure I’ll say or write something to confuse or offend you. That’s okay. That’s been the bane of my existence most of my life.

You can expect to have fun along the way. As I pontificate about everything from pop-culture and politics to faith and philosophy, I always try to infuse it with enough levity and light-heartedness to make it bearable.

As far as how many newsletters to expect, I probably will send at least one a week. It really depends on how I’m feeling. The good news is that at any point you can come back to this site and participate in the discussion. Because what fun is there in discussing such heavy topics if you can’t do it with total strangers you meet on the internet? Am I right?

If you wanna join the fun and stay updated, clicky-click.

About me

By day I help media and tech companies market their businesses with blogs, podcasts, and videos. After 25 years of being in the business world, I’ve learned a few things.

I’m also currently in the process of publishing my satirical memoir. It’s called Dungeons ‘n’ Durags: One Black Nerd’s Epic Quest of Self-discovery, Racial Identity and Crisis of Faith in Trump’s America. It’s a politically poignant, comical, and often moving coming-of-age story. Except the age is 50.

You can get a digital copy of the manuscript here. The full-blown book is scheduled for release next spring.

Special bonuses

I plan to share special bonuses with my subscribers. It might be insights into the publishing of my book, or advanced access to future chapters.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Ready to join the list? Come on. You know you want to. Do it! I triple dog dare you!


Ron Dawson
Blerd in the middle of blaxistential crisis @dungeonsndurags. Read the book online @ medium.com/dungeons-n-durags. Tweets about biz & the arts @BladeRonner.